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What happens when you allow yourself to be vulnerable in the real world at the cost of your anonymity in the virtual world?

A Room Apart is a 3D visual  novel that aims to talk about and explore how we value our online relationships and pit them against our IRL ones. 

Our story follows Nuria and her blossoming friendship with Angel a party member and an unsuspecting acquaintance at high school. 

A demo of Act 1 has been released for the SGDA Game Jam 2020.  Kinda broken, but give it a try!

2D Art: Chelsea Chung @sea_rift

Programming: Tino Jones https://www.linkedin.com/in/celestinojones/

Writing & Audio: Chris Fleming @Slvr_ChariotVII

Writing: Rohan Teredesai  @rohnpteradactyl

3D Art: JP Salman @JPLikesGames

Vocal talents @chilopawbi


A Room Apart.zip 49 MB

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